Santorini Grace Hotel

7th June 2011

The deep blue water of the Aegean and white architecture set the stage for the Santorini Grace, a luxury boutique hotel carved into one of the island’s many majestic cliffs. Housed in the traditional and unassuming architecture of the Cyclades Islands, the Santorini Grace looks identical to its surrounding neighbors on the outside with its traditional yposkafa buildings (concrete white, cave-like, with rounded edges and dome shaped roofs). The interiors are carved out of the same single slab of whitewashed concrete providing curved alcoves, benches, storage, bed platforms, and tables, eliminating the need for most furniture –but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it? Curved modern chairs, hourglass-shaped side tables, and flat screen televisions are some of the chic finishing touches found throughout the guest rooms.


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