Museo Memoria y Tolerancia

2nd June 2011

The importance placed upon the education of future generations on the horrors committed by those who have gone before them is imperative to the future of humanity. That is the statement of intent at Mexico City’s Museo Memoria y Tolerancia – Museum Of Memory & Tolerance – and the inspiration for designers Arditti + RDT Architects, whose ‘floating’ children’s memorial is the centrepiece of this powerfully moving cultural centre. Inside the dramatically suspended sculpture, created in collaboration with Dutch artist Jan Hendrix, is a naturally lit, pale green space where a cascade of 20,000 ‘tears’ symbolise the 2,000,000 children who have been victims of horrifying genocides. Elsewhere the calming, reflective interiors encourage visitors to comprehend and contemplate the power and devastating effects of hate, discrimination and indifference. Creating a building that is capable of delivering the atrocities humanity is disturbingly capable of, whilst allowing for personal introspection in a calm, thought-provoking environment is no mean feat, yet one that these Mexican architects have achieved with deft grace and respect…


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