Ever Gold

7th June 2011

When I first landed in San Francisco on a warm January night five years ago, friends took me to a literary reading at a Tenderloin dive bar and I instantly fell in love with the creative energy of the neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, I moved to the TL and found that it had not only a great vibe, but also delicious, affordable Asian food, great low-key bars, and provocative theater. Only one thing was missing, and that was a strong visual arts movement.

Back then, the art scene was pretty much limited to the Shooting Gallery, which opened up in the neighborhood some eight years ago. It's true that walking down Leavenworth to the Heart of the City Farmers Market offered up "interesting" opportunities for outdoor human expression, but it wasn't until two years ago that a full artistic movement started to grow at a rapid pace. A number of galleries rose to ride the vibe of the Tenderloin – one of the most fearless being Ever Gold.

via: thebolditalic.com

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