25th May 2011

Cha chaan teng are an indelible, much-loved old school institution on Hong Kong’s restaurant scene, as much a part of the city’s fabric as designer labels and real estate, and far more affordable. These fast and furious, all-day, east-meets-west “tea diners” serve anything from sarnies with scrambled egg and luncheon meat (that’s spam to you and me), to rice with meat sauce, albeit usually with a good pinch of MSG, to yin yeung (coffee and tea together, with milk). But Cantopop is doing things differently and making it more accessible to the uninitiated in the process. Helmed by Margaret Xu, Hong Kong pioneer of organic, locavore eating, who already owns private kitchen Yin Yang, and backed by the boys from Ital-American osteria Posto Pubblico, this is cha chaan teng 2.0.


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