Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe’s Classiest Rooftop Bars

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe’s Classiest Rooftop Bars

Madrid, Rome, Lisbon and more; here’s our selection of Europe’s most sophisticated rooftop terraces…

You can forget your alcopops, but not your Manolo Blahniks; you’re getting ready to indulge in summer’s most decadent pastime, quaffing designer beverages at super-swanky rooftop terraces in some of Europe’s hottest destinations. Plush, opulent, devilishly stylish and with the sort of staggering views that can reduce grown men to tears, these are some of Europe’s finest – and decidedly sophisticated – rooftop bars…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

The Top Bar at Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel

Indulge VIP style with the jet-set crowd that flock to Croatia’s island of luxury and sophisticated nightlife, Hvar. With dramatic views of the ancient city, harbour and Paklinski Islands, The Top Bar at the Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel is opulence defined, and one of new-Europe’s hottest spots. Sip on classic cocktails, sample local wines and even lose yourself in a “facing-the-sea massage”, The Top Bar takes indulgence to a new level…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

Skyline at Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice

Just as likely to top our list of tear-jerkingly romantic terraces, rooftops with staggeringly splendiferous views or bars to drink dry before you die; the rather special Skyline rooftop terrace perches high above the 8 interconnected islands of Giudecca, Venice. With views, that no words can really do justice to, the staff at Hilton’s new Venetian landmark could literally serve you up a can of Skol and a microwaved Ginsters pasty and this would make our list. They don’t, and as such the Skyline at Hilton Molino Stucky is quite possibly one of the world’s best spots from which to guzzle a costly cocktail…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

Vista at The Trafalgar Hotel

If you like your views iconic, then there’s very few – if any – rooftop bars that could rival Vista, at Hilton’s first unbranded property, The Trafalgar Hotel. Overlooking the capital’s most famous square, looking right out at Nelson, and with the London Eye just behind you; Vista boasts an unrivalled view of the city’s most famous sights. Much like the hotel itself, it’s also a pretty stylish affair with pink accents punching through the decidedly sleek monochrome furnishings. There’s an extravagant signature seafood platter to share and a champagne list to get lost in, it all comes at a premium of course, but then this is Europe’s classiest rooftop bars, not cheapest

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

The 5th Floor at the Penz Hotel, Innsbruck

Thanks to a high student population – that has encouraged an abundance of cool bars and hip nightspots – and some striking contemporary architecture such as Zaha Hadid’s railway station, Innsbruck is not just ski slopes and medieval palaces; the city’s first design hotel, the ultramodern Penz Hotel, only confirms that. Whether you’re resting your limbs after a day on the slopes, or your head after a late night in some of the city’s brewpubs, the Penz’s 5th Floor American Bar – with delightful views of the Nordkette mountain range marrying perfectly with its Austrian brand of mediterranean glamour – is the perfect place to unwind in style…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

The Penthouse at ME Madrid

Dominating Madrid’s lively Plaza Santa Ana is the Spanish capital’s outpost of Sol Melia’s lifestyle brand – think Starwood’s W chain – ME Madrid, with its beautiful architecture, slick lighting and unaffected glamour. Perched on its rooftop, overlooking Barrio de las Letras, nearby Puerta del Sol and Calle de Huertas, and with panoramic views of the city at large is one of the city’s hottest nightspots; the effortlessly elegant The Penthouse. Floaty fabrics, cushion filled beds and chilled out beats; this is Ibiza-cool right in the heart of the big city…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

BA Terrace at Bairro Alto Hotel, Lisbon

Sitting high, atop the hilltop district of Bairro Alto, the BA Terrace at Lisbon’s Bairro Alto Hotel has predictably magical views, and having been awarded “4th best hotel-terrace view in the world”, others are clearly inclined to agree. Nestled amongst the narrow but hip streets below are bars, restaurants and live music; up here, on the Arabian-chic terrace, there’s an air of calm and sophistication as you recline on one of the many chaise longues, sup on a mojito and drift away into the chill-out music and perfect views. Elegant and refined, whether you’re in preparation for a night on Lisbon’s famously lively tiles, or recovering from the one before; there’s no better place to survey Portugal’s dramatic capital…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

O2 Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

There’s certainly a different set of adjectives to be used for this Red Square rooftop than were in use for Bairro Alto’s Lisbon terrace. Gone are quaint and calm, and in are opulent and lavish. Being a Ritz-Carlton property there’s no expense spared in dishing out the luxury to its guests, as they throw one of Moscow’s finest sushi and sashimi bars, an “upbeat” club venue and relaxed daytime lounge all under one lavishly appointed glass and steel roof. The views from this super-sleek venue are no less impressive; Red Square and the Kremlin dazzle below in all their regal glory. If there is one place in Moscow to see and be seen, then surely Ritz-Carlton’s O2 Lounge is it…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

The Rooftop at Soho House Berlin

Following on from Soho House New York and Shoreditch House, the grandiose chain of member’s clubs opened up their Berlin outpost in May 2010, plonking a pool – tiled in green Pyrolave volcanic stone, no less – on its predictably extravagant rooftop terrace. Add to that a typically lavish and oh-so-stylish Soho House bar, and you’ve got yourself Berlin’s most desirable rooftop destination. If you want to be chic and be seen in Europe’s capital of cool then Soho House Berlin is the place…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

Rooftop Lounge Bar & Restaurant at St. George Roma Hotel, Rome

It’s easy to take views from granted in The Eternal City, with 1,000s of years of history on every street corner, so try seeing it from another viewpoint, nestled amongst the city’s charming rooftops. Grazing on some mouth-watering morsels and sipping an evening aperitif, of course. Located in Rome’s historic heart, and steps away from Navona square or Campo de’ Fiori, the 5 star St. George Roma‘s rooftop lounge bar is one of the city’s premier spots for a sophisticated evening under the stars, gazing at the staggering museum pieces that line the streets below…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

Rooftop Terrace at The George Hotel, Hamburg

Observe the bustling urban life below, or gaze out at Außenalster, one of the city’s two artificial lakes, Rooftop Terrace at Hamburg’s decidedly British design hotel The George Hotel, may not be one of the highest, most relaxing, or most extravagant in our list, but it’s certainly one of the most happening. Avant-garde and edgy, the St. Georg quarter is Hamburg’s most achingly hip, and the George’s bustling rooftop terrace is the most urbane and stylish vantages from which to view it…

Travel Inspiration; A Selection of Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars

The 7th at The Terrass Hotel, Paris

There are precious few rooftop vistas in this famously beautiful city, but sat atop Montmartre hill The 7th at The Terrass Hotel is one such place to enjoy the city of love’s breathtaking panorama. Martinis, house cocktails, beers and snacks will accompany you as you watch the sun set over a rare, unhindered view of the city, its famous sights and, of course, la Tour Eiffel…

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